Monday, September 5, 2011

Not Me (aka: things that have recently happened that I will shamelessly deny)

I did not pack up my husband and son and drive to my parents' house for a fantastic-ly lazy restful Labor Day weekend. I did not pack my camera with hopes to take cute pictures of my little dude.

I did not let everyone else in the house (including my 11 year old sister) take care of my baby while I did whatever I wanted to do.

I did not eat a ridiculous amount of food in the span of 24 hours. I am not currently experiencing digestive issues. Why would I put information like that out on the internet?

I did not allow my husband to buy me a beautiful new diaper bag. I did not get excited at the thought of a beautiful new diaper bag. I am not contemplating using the beautiful new diaper bag as my purse -- a purse that just happens to have a nifty compartment for a bottle. It is not the prettiest thing I own.

I did not allow my mother to put on the brightest lipstick she had and kiss all over my baby. I did not laugh at his expression. And I would never take pictures of his misery.

I did not see my family feed my baby Oreo cookie pie. I did not think it was hilarious that he propped his foot up on the table as he was being fed all that chocolate. 

I did not hide out in the basement as a tornado passed through my parents' town. There's no way I would take pictures of my baby while everyone else is sweating bullets at the prospect of beling blown away by a tornado. That's just silly.

I am not bummed that our 3 day holiday is quickly coming to an end. I will not miss hanging out with my sweet hubby tomorrow.

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