Thursday, September 29, 2011

Try not to fall out of your seat.

I got a makeover.

I know, thrilling. You might as well just go to bed now because your day just couldn't get any more exciting than it is right now.

I kid. I'm one of those people who becomes self-degrading when she's proud of herself. And "proud" doesn't begin to describe me today. Because, y'all, I did this all by myself.

You can praise me if you want to. I won't mind.

Anyway, on to the awesome:

Today, I'm thankful for

1. The Wendy's drive-thru that stays open late and the drive-thru window boy, bless his heart, who took my order for 2 junior bacon cheeseburgers at 10PM without a making me feel any more self conscious than I already did. We were starving last night. Like, we probably would have died had it not been for those cheeseburgers.

2. A great check up at the pediatrician's office earlier this week. I'm only halfway joking when I say that I am always relieved when we leave the pediatrician and they haven't taken my baby from me. I guess we're doing a pretty good job, after all. Cohen loves going to that place because he likes to flirt with the ladies and show off all his new skills. Like walking.

3. I got a check in the mail this week from the consignment sale people. I had almost forgotten about that money. That was fun. If you want to send me a check through the mail, feel free.

4.  Pinterest has supplied a lot of my dinner inspirations lately. This week, I tried a blackened chicken recipe that was out of this world. And it cooked up in less than 10 minutes. Hello? 10 minutes to cook up a couple thick chicken breasts?! Can't beat that.

5. Speaking of Pinterest and food, last week I mentioned the eggplant strips. Oh man, they're fantastic. Eggplant has been on sale for $1 at Kroger. 1 eggplant, an egg, and a cup of breadcrumbs made enough eggplant strips for 3 meals (I prepared and froze the other two portions while I was preparing dinner that night). So that's less than .50 total for a healthy and delicious side dish. We've since eaten all the eggplant, so I made a quick run to the store this week for even more eggplant that I can prepare and freeze. I'm not kidding: we'd eat this stuff every day.

6. My boy is still a phenomenal eater. I started with the eggplant because I want to expose him to all kinds of food. Sadly, hubby and I have loved the stuff so much that we dont save any for Cohen, but I'm sure he'd gobble it up if he ever got some. I pray he continues to be a good eater.

7. I don't know about you, but when I make a stand to get rid of a sin in my life, it seems like the devil does his best to bombard me with multiple opportunities to turn back to my old ways. I wrote last week about forgiving for real this time, and wouldn't you know, I'm having to really work on it this week. Praising God that He is giving me the strength to overcome!

8. I'm having a kind-of impromptu "girls' night" tonight complete with pizza and sugar and nighttime drama. I'm looking forward to it!

9. A month or two ago, a sweet friend from church gifted me with a large amount of brown courdoroy fabric. I haven't cut into it yet because I want to have a plan and use every little bit of it to make as many clothes as I can for the boy. So far, here are my inspirations:
Turkey shirt, Rockstar pants, "Y'all" applique for a shirt, and a couple pair of cordoroy longalls like this:

10. The little mister has gotten 2 more teeth this week -- so now the count is up to 8. Ohmygosh my baby has 8 teeth. I think it just hit me. Whew, good thing I'm sitting down. Thankful that we got through these teeth with minor side effects. Now all that's left are the big side teeth and molars!

Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.
1 Thessalonians 5:18

What are you thankful for this week? You can post in the comment section below if you don't have a blog to post to!

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  1. I am thankful to you, Erica, for always putting a smile on my face when I read your blogs. I am always thankful for my sweet miracle baby girl Emma and my wonderful son Kobi and my exceptional husband Chris! Mostly, I am thankful for my savior Jesus Christ who gives me much more than I deserve!


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